About Webitseo and FAQ's About SEO and SERP's


Founder and Worker Bee

Hi, I'm Annie. And bascially I am Webitseo. Yep, it's a one-man band around here. I started doing web design in 2001 when I created a website for a friend. Then it became a hobby. Now it's my bread and butter. I love the combination of creative and technical aspects of web design. It's a constantly-changing field, and I do my best to keep up in order to provide the best possible service to my clients. I look forward to working with you!

Webitseo is a small, affordable website design company based in the Docklands area of east London, UK. We provide clean, user-friendly, affordable website design and SEO specifically for small businesses and individuals. Webitseo offers personalised, one-on-one attention to your personal and professional web design and web development requirements. We pride ourselves on honesty, quality work, and excellent service.

In today's economy, why spend more than necessary to get the results you need for your business?

If your small business is in need of quality affordable web design, web development and SEO in London, UK, please don't hesitate to contact Annie.

Some commonly asked questions are answered. If you have other questions, please contact us.
In a word, no. No web designer or SEO expert can gurantee a high ranking in SERP's, or search engine results page listings. Webitseo does not make false represenations about the results you will get with SEO.
SEO is very important in getting a high listing in SERP's. It involves many factors that help establish your presence on the internet, or web presence. When done properly, your site establishes "authority" on the net and has greater weight with search engines. Implementing SEO techniques adds tremendous value to your site and greatly increases the likelihood of higher listing in SERP's (search engine results pages).
It doesn't happen overnight. Sites have to "mature" a bit and prove their merit, and let's not forget branching out on the net, but with a well designed site that has rich content which many people are reading and talking about via social media, it will happen.
When it comes to SERP's, the crucial answer is simple: Content is king. Rich, cohesive content, along with good site development is the key. There is no "get-rich-quick" scheme when it comes to increasing your web presence.
We sure can. Webitseo can register your domain name, host your site, set up email accounts, design and develop your website, and implement SEO. Everything you need in one place!